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Leptraps has been designing and building traps and other equipment for the collection of insects for over thirty years. Our products have been field tested and proven effective. These products are constructed of materials that are very durable and will withstand extensive exposure to the elements.

In 1976 we designed and built our first bait traps which were of the inverted funnel type. These traps proved effective and were the standard design until 1995 when we introduced the flat bottom design. The flat bottom design is by far the most effective bait trap for Lepidoptera to date. We continue to develop new designs and modification of older designs as well as explore potential materials to improve the durability and effectiveness of the trap. The new Tropic Bait Traps is the result of several years of work and field testing. These new bait traps weigh less the 6 ounces and can be packed into suit case for easy travel into the tropics.

In 1983 we built our first light trap with interlocking Plexiglas vanes utilizing a straight fluorescent 350 black light bulb mounted vertically. This design was very effective until 1988 when a federal regulation required that all Plexiglas must be UV retardant. UV retardant Plexiglas does not allow UV light to pass through the Plexiglas and as a result, the UV light becomes ineffective. Only the light emitted from the side of the vanes that the black light bulb was mounted on emitted UV light that did not pass through the Plexiglas. As a result, we changed the design of the vanes in 1991 to rigid stainless steel and center mounted a straight fluorescent light bulb. The use of a straight fluorescent 350 black light bulb provides 360 degrees of light exposure, unlike formed (“U” shaped or circular bulbs) which create conflict between facing surfaces of the bulb. Also, less than 30% of the light emitted from a circular bulb is emitted outward. The performance and effectiveness of the straight fluorescent black light bulbs design is exceptional when compared to light traps designed with shaped fluorescent black light bulbs.

The addition of flow through rain drain in 1992 allowed water from even a heavy rain to pass through the trap without damaging the entrapped specimens. Sorting screens were part of the original design and over the years the size of the holes have been increased/decreased and the pattern of the holes have been adjusted to separate larger moths and insects from smaller delicate moths. In 2011 the new Quantum 368 Black Light Bulb was included as part of the standard design. These bulbs are 100% more effective and 40% more powerful than standard 350 Black Light Bulbs. Quantum Black Light Bulbs peak at 368 nanometers wavelength. Depreciation of UVA is also significantly reduced resulting in a 40% increase in output over standard 350 Black Light Bulbs. These bulbs can be used as replacements for 350 Black Light Bulbs in most applications.

In July of 2003, we introduced a new ballast design enclosed in a weather tight enclosure. The new ballast design provided the use of additional size bulbs including an 18 inch 32 Watt 350 Black Light bulb and a 24 inch 40 Watt 365 Quantum Black Light bulb. These new additions provide the most powerful portable light traps available.

In September of 2003, we introduced a complete line of Night Collecting Lights which now include 15 Watt, 32 Watt and 40 Watt units in both 12 Volt DC and 120 Volt AC. These larger more powerful collecting lights increase the quantity of insects attracted to the UV light. The new 24 Inch - 40 Watt 368 Quantum Black Light Bulb is 60% more powerful than a 48 inch - 40 Watt 350 Black light. The new 24 inch bulb can be easily packed for trips to the tropics. We also have the new 48 inch 40 Watt Quantum 368 Black Light available in both 12 VDC and 120 VAC.

In the year 2006, we changed the funnel from aluminum to stainless steel. Stainless steel is extremely durable and difficult to scratch or damage. The electrical wiring on the vanes has been improved with a solid wire harness that will not break or separate.

In the year 2009, we introduced a complete line of Self Ballast MV Bulbs. 160 Watt and 250 Watt Self Ballast Mercury Vapor Bulbs with Medium Mount and 250 Watt and 450 Watt Self Ballast Mercury Vapor Bulbs with a Mogul Mount.

In 2011 we introduced the “Beetle Sorter”. Beetles are a major problem with Light Traps. Beetles cause damage to moths and other delicate insects. The “Beetle Sorter” is a simple device that sits on top of the rain drain and entraps most of the beetles. As simple as it is, it really works.

In 2012 we are introducing a Kill Type Bait Trap. The trap consists of a 6 Gallon Pail with 3 entry point to the bait. A funnel underneath the bait directs insects down into the kill chamber. Vapona or other dry type killing agents are used and the trap can be left unattended for several days before servicing. The Trap can be suspended from a tree limb and an optional Camouflage Sleeve is available to conceal the trap.

In 2016 we introduced the Pail Top Live Type Bait Trap. A Pail with openings and a funnel is mounted to a 18” Diameter by 36’ Tall Screen Cylinder. The Screen Cylinder is made of Lumite screen, a woven HDPE Screen. The trap is suspended from a tree limb and is designed to collect and retain live specimens, especially females for rearing/life history studies.

This web site contains information and pricing for all the products that we now design and produce. Should you have any questions, need additional information or have a specific need, please contact us via telephone or email.

Leroy C Koehn
Leptraps LLC