Agricultural Pest Monitoring Stand

The Agricultural Pest Monitoring Stand is designed specifically for IPM (Insect Pest Management) needs of the agricultural market. The stand is designed to fit all Leptraps Light Traps. The stand is made of heavy steel and that has been Hot Dipped Galvanized. The stand is bolted together with Stainless Steel Bolts, Nuts, Flat Washer and “Eye” Bolts. The Stand is extremely durable and can be placed in the field for the entire growing season. The stand raises the light of the trap above the height of the crops to be monitored. The Rigid Stainless Steel Vane Assembly with a center mounted straight fluorescent UV light bulb provides 365 degrees of light exposure. Unlike formed bulbs (“U” shaped or circular bulbs) which create a conflict between facing surfaces of the bulb. Also, less than 30% of the light emitted from a circular bulb is emitted outward. The performance and effectiveness of the straight fluorescent black light bulbs design is exceptional when compared to light traps designed with shaped fluorescent black light bulbs.

A common problem with metal light traps and stands is lightning. When the vanes of the trap are above the height of the crops, they become susceptible to lightning. A lightning strike will destroy the electrical components of the trap if not the entire trap.

Agricultural Stands legs elevate the base of the stand to 24 inches. The 18 Inch vane assemblies are well above the height of most row crops. The length of the legs can be increased up to 66 inches for monitoring corn.

Agricultural Pest Monitoring Stand 24 Inch Height


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