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Bait traps are used to collect Lepidoptera and other insects that are attracted to fermenting fruit, feces, and decaying meat. Traps can be used in virtually any habitat and in any weather or season. The designs are basic and simple. Bait traps are easy to use and can be extremely effective.

The cylinder of the trap is 36 inches in height and 15 inches in diameter and is constructed of metal rings and covered with fiberglass coated nylon screen. A light colored lightweight canvas material is used for the top. A 22 inch plastic zipper provides access into the trap to remove specimens. A plywood platform for the bait container is suspended with “S” hooks and “eye bolts” from the bottom of the cylinder. The “eye” bolts allow the opening between the bottom of the cylinder and the platform to be adjustable (from ¾" to 1 ¼"). Traps are totally collapsible for easy packing for travel. The construction and quality are excellent and will provide many years of service. Two types of Bait Traps are available. Tropical and Flat Bottom.


Tropical Type Bait Traps consist of a cylinder of fiberglass coated nylon screen with a light colored light weight canvas top. There is no restriction at the bottom of the trap to prevent escape. Tropical Types are used extensively in the tropics. Two types of platforms are available. An 18 X 18 inch square plywood platform with “eye” bolts or an flat bottom style platform of an 18 inch round plywood base with “eye” bolts and a bait container holder (Bait container holder requires the use of a 8 ½ inch Aluminum Cake Pan.). The bait container is held securely in place and will not move or fall off the platform as the result of wind created motion.


The Flat Bottom design requires the use of a specific size bait container (8 ½ inch Aluminum Cake Pan) which is an integral part of the design. A flat plastic ring bottom (hence the name “Flat Bottom”) with a 10 ½ inch opening which is attached to bottom metal ring of the cylinder. The platform is suspended from the plastic ring bottom with “eye” bolts and “S” hooks and contains a raised base with a holder that secures the 8 ½ inch Aluminum Cake Pan bait container in place. The 8 ½ inch bait container is inserted into the 10 ½ inch opening of the plastic bottom. This creates a 1 inch gap between the bait container and the plastic bottom. The gap can be adjusted with the “eye” bolt (from 1" to 1¾") Once the butterfly, moth or insect is on the bait, it is in the trap. The “Shroud/Hood” (See photograph of Flat Bottom at right) provides a dark area for Lepidoptera to seek shelter, especially Catocala moths and Satyriidae butterflies.


The design of this Flat Bottom Bait Trap is described above. The Flat Bottom Duralife trap is designed with exceptionally durable materials. The Screen material is Lumite. This is a woven screen material of a HDPE plastic. Insect such as wasps and large grasshopper cannot chew through the Lumite screen. The top and shroud is a composite material of plastic and polyester. It is extremely durable and water resistant. Hornets, wasps and grasshoppers cannot chew through it. All of the hardware is stainless steel and the zipper is plastic. This is an excellent trap for year round use.


The Tropics Bait Trap is designed for use in the Tropics and Sub-Tropical parts of the world.  The cylinder consist of two Metal Rings 12 Inch (30.48 CM) Diameter, 42 Inches (106.68 CM) Length Cylinder with a 6 Inch (15.24 CM) Cone Top. The cylinder and top are Nylon Mosquito Netting with a 22 Inch (55.88 CM) Plastic Zipper is sewn into the seam of the Cylinder and provides access into the trap to remove specimens. The Flat Bottom Ring is HDPE white plastic. The ring snaps in and out. The Platform is HDPE white plastic and is suspended from the bottom of the cylinder with “S” Hooks and “EYE” Bolts. The “eye” bolts allow the opening between the bottom of the cylinder and the platform to be adjustable (from ¾" to 1 ¼": 1.905 CM to .635 CM). The Platform has a 6 inch diameter hole in the center for a Rubbermaid type 3.2 Cup container with a snap seal lid is the bait container. A package of four (4) containers is included with each trap. Additional containers may be purchased wherever Rubbermaid products are sold.

The bait can remain in the container with the lid sealed tight and stored in a cooler or other secure storage place while traveling Traps are totally collapsible for easy packing for travel and the bait can travel with the trap.

The Tropics Bait Trap was designed primarily for tropical butterflies. The White Cone Top provides a light source. Butterflies are attracted to the bait by the sense of smell. They will walk into the shaded area of the trap to feed on the bait. Once they have finished feeding they fly upward towards the light area of the white cone top and become entrapped. Butterflies appear to be very reluctant to fly down into the dark screened area of the trap and even when they do they will rest with their head facing up towards the top.

The construction and quality are excellent and will provide many years of service.

Available in the following colors:








Flat Bottom with Shroud/Hood


Flat Bottom Duralife


Tropics Flat Bottom


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