Traps are both light weight and portable and can be used in virtually

 any habitat and weather conditions. Stainless steel, plastic and aluminum materials are used to prevent rust and corrosion and extend the life of the trap. The design has been field tested and proven to be very effective. The photograph on the Cutaway View Page illustrates both the external and internal components. Each component of the trap is numbered and followed by a brief description and function.

See Cutaway View to locate numbered items below.

  1. 3 ½ gallon plastic pail: The trap enclosure is a 3 ½ gallon plastic pail. It is the collection chamber and base. This is a “KILL TYPE” trap and the use of a killing agent is recommended whenever the trap is in operation.

  2. Vane assembly: Traps are available with either stainless steel or Plexiglas rigid vane assemblies. The vanes deflect the insects down toward the funnel and into the trap. The light bulb and holders are attached the vane support. Four springs (#179) secure the vane assembly to the trap enclosure.

  3. 15 Watt 368 Quantum black light bulb. Also available with 15 Watt 350 Black Light Bulb or Black Light Dark 350 (Dark purple in color). Lights traps are also available with 32 Watt 18 inch 350 Black Light and 40 Watt 24 inch 368 Quantum Black Light.

  4. Light bulb holders: Attached to the vane assembly with stainless steel machine screws and nuts. To prevent damaged and deflect rain, metal covers protect the exposed ends of the bulb holders.

  5. Power supply: Available in 120 volt AC and 12 volt DC.  A four way electrical connector allows the power supply to become detachable from the vane assembly. Power supply cord has a 12 volt DC, cigarette socket plug for power packs and an adapter cable assembly with alligator clamp for use with batteries. The electrical wire harness from power supply to the light bulb is a solid cable and is clipped securely in three (3) places on the edge of the vane. A 4-way electrical connector separates the power supply from the vane assembly.

  6. Stainless steel funnel: The vane assembly (#2) mounts on the funnel to form the mouth of the trap.

  7. Lid ring with foam seal: The foam seal is attached to the lid and provides the seal between the funnel and the enclosure.

  8. Rain drain tube: The rain drain tube is covered with fiberglass coated nylon screen and is secured with a PVC lock ring which allows for easy screen replacement. The rain drain tube allows rainwater to pass through the trap preventing water damage to the moths and other insects. Rain drain tube inserts into a holder in the bottom of the pail.

  9. Sorting screen (Beetle screen): Sits on the top of the rain drain holder and prevents beetles and other large insects from mixing with the moths and other delicate insects to reduce damage (The trap shown has the additional upper screen which is an option).

  10. Four No# 179 standard steel springs with “S” hooks. There is a spring located on each side of the vanes and secures the vanes to the enclosure. All vanes assemblies have springs clips to secure the springs and “S” hooks.

(A) Photoelectric switch, battery and stand are not included in the base trap price

(B) Pint container with wick for use with Ethel Acetate.

Photoelectric switches, additional sorting screen, and vane assembly options are available and can be found on the Light Trap Accessories page.

The formula to determine the size battery required for Light Traps and Fluorescent Collecting Units can be found on the Battery page.


Light Traps

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