New Products from Leptraps LLC

In 2007 we introduced the 250 Watt Self ballasted Mercury Vapor bulbs (MV). Self ballast bulbs do not require a heavy ballast housed in a metal enclosure. These bulbs are light weight and just as effective as MV bulbs that require a ballast. These are clear non-coated bulbs. Available in 160 Watt, 250 Watt for use with a Medium Socket and 250 Watt and 500 Watt for use with a Mogul Socket. These collecting light units are designed for use with a tripod. (For Pricing, Click HERE)

Self Ballasted Mercury Vapor bulbs are also available in Collecting Light Units. These collecting light units are light weight (Less than 3 LBS) and easily packed into a suit case and are also designed for use with a tripod. (For MV Collecting Lights, Click HERE)

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Leptraps continues to design and develop new products for both amateur and professional entomologist. All of these products have been field tested and designed to be rugged and durable. Leptraps quality is exceptional.



We continue to improve our current product line. We now offer a built in Photoelectric Switch. The switch is mounted to the ballast enclosure and wired into the ballast directly. Unlike the older Photoelectric Switch, the new switch is very reliable and is not affected by humidity and rain water. The new switch can be added to existing ballast enclosures, both the current design and the older PCB type. Please contact us for a quote before sending any ballast for a retrofit. (For Pricing, Click HERE)


We have a new line of Bait Traps. These are specifically designed for the tropics. 12 inch diameter and 42 inches tall with a cone top. The cylinder is made of mosquito netting. Available in solid or combinations of colors. Color combinations are Camouflage with a white Cone Top and Forest Green Cylinder with a white Cone Top. We also offer a Tropics Bait Trap with the bottom third of the cylinder is Forest Green and the top two thirds and the Cone Top are white. These combinations are designed for butterflies. Butterflies will fly up into the light. When a butterfly enters the trap to visit the bait, the area is shaded, however, when the butterfly finishes feeding it will always fly up into the light.