Light & Trap Repairs


We can repair and refurbish the vast majority of the Light Traps, Collecting Light Units, and Control System of Collecting Rigs designed and produced by Leptraps LLC. We have replacement parts for every light traps that we have produced. Replacement parts for Light Traps produced prior to 2003 in most applications are of the current design, However, original design parts are available for most older traps. There are some exceptions. Light traps produced prior to 1991 with Interlocking Plexiglas Vanes (“Clear View” non UV retardant Plexiglas) are replaced with Rigid Plexiglas Vane Assemblies. New replacement Ballast’s for all Light Traps produced after 2003 can be found on the Accessories page. We can refurbish and up grade older Light Traps to our current design for considerably less than the cost of a new Light Trap.

We can repair and/or replace the ballast for all of our Collecting Light Units. New Replacement Ballast’s for both Light Traps and Collecting Light Unit’s can be found on the Accessories page. We also offer replacement bulbs for most UV and MV bulbs. Many of the fluorescent bulbs of Leptraps Collecting Lights are Shatter Proof. Bulbs are enclosed in a clear plastic material, in the event that you break the fluorescent bulb, the glass and  phosphoric materials of the bulb will be contained within the clear plastic enclosure. Shatter Proof fluorescent bulbs can be replaced by returning the bulb and cord assembly with the bulb attached to Leptraps for replacement for the cost of a new bulb, plus shipping.

Should have any questions concerning repairs or refurbishing of any Leptraps products, contact us at your convenience.   

Leptraps can repair and refurbish most other Light Traps, these includes BioQuip Products, Agrilite, Elisco and Gempler.

Ballast Repair

Elisco Trap Modification

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